{ Design } I provide my clients with the highest quality of unique layout designs. My service can be used for corporate, games, portals, shops or any other reign of websites including blogs and forums. Each layout is completed dedicated passion, hard work and special attention to the smallest detail, even down to pixel accuracy so that it reflects its best purpose and use.
{ Technology } I work with a great professional developers group, this way we can embrace any programming language and we can face great projects. We handle HTML/CSS, Javascript, Flash, Magento, MySQL, Java, XML/PHP, Ajax, J2ME, Wordpress and others programming languages and the quickest and most professional way.
{ Branding } Branding is quite possibly the most important part of any design project, as it the first element that people really see and the one that you need them to remember. Your brand has to communicate both your character as much as your service, so the tone, style and application of your brand is vitally important to get right.
{ Hosting } Web hosting plans offer high performance, professional quality, with customer support and affordable rates. Depending of your needs we will find the right solution for your project and you will can enjoy of excellent credit facilities.
Print and Illustration
{ Illustration } I also worked with highest level illustrators to get the best results. The illustration is one of the most spectacular techniques in graphic design and is able to give your project a unique and unmistakable character.
{ CMS } If your project requires regular maintenance and you are interested in doing so, we will create an online application where you can make the necessary changes on its web in a fast and intuitive, and without requiring a prior computer knowledge.
Kontain Media Blog
Awwwards Design Mention
My website receive the "Design Mention" from Awwwards! The gallery of the most prestigious websites in the world created with CSS. This is an appreciated international recognition for my work.
Latest work
Fashionistas website design
Clothing store where you can find the latest clothing pieces of each season belonging to the most exclusive designers from around the world. The design needed be simple and straightforward but elegant and subtle.
Random snippets
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